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How to book carriers that are normally not in your GDS – with H1-Air and 5W-Rail&Shuttle.

Imagine a customer wanting to embark on an adventure around the world, with many different carriers operating across different countries. While a travel agent can find and book available airlines in the GDS, the agent may encounter difficulties issuing the tickets as many of these carriers are not connected to the local payment system (BSP). Sometimes these local airlines cannot even be found in the GDS at all.

So, is there a quick and hassle free solution to find the best travel itinerary for this customer?

Sure! Hahn Air, the number one ticketing expert has been offering support with its solutions for more than 15 years. Over 100,000 agencies in more than 190 markets trust in Hahn Air’s services.

Take advantage of the network
If an agent cannot issue a ticket after completing a booking, he or she can simply issue the flight on a Hahn Air HR-169 ticket. Why? Because Hahn Air is an IATA airline with an unparalleled network of 300 air, rail and shuttle partners. Hahn Air has even more to offer. With its product H1-Air, it connects travel agents with airlines that would normally not be available in the GDS at all. Under the Hahn Air Systems code H1, agents can find the services of 70 additional airlines which can also be issued on the HR-169 ticket using the standard ticketing process of the GDS.

Book rail & shuttle connections
In some cases it might be even more convenient for a passenger to take a rail or shuttle connection. For instance, an agent could book a ferry service for the route Montevideo to Buenos Aires with Buquebus or a train for the route Valencia to Barcelona with Renfe for the passenger. With the product 5W-Rail&Shuttle, Hahn Air brings the content of ground transportation companies and ferries to the airline display of the GDS. Agents can also book and issue the tickets as easy as any flight under the 5W code.

Head of Hahn Air Systems, Alexander Proschka.

A win-win-win situation with Hahn Air
“Our network of partners is constantly growing”, says Head of Hahn Air Systems, Alexander Proschka. “In 2017 alone, Hahn Air has already added 26 new partners, nine of which are new H1-Air partners and one of which is a 5W-Rail&Shuttle partner. Among the recent additions are Primera Air Scandinavia, Fly Viking and SpiceJet as well as our second ferry partner, Tallink from Estonia.”

“With our services, we create a ‘win-win-win situation’: Travel agents and airlines gain incremental revenue and the travellers benefit from additional choices of carriers and destinations. All of this makes us the leading provider of distribution services for airline and the number one expert in ticketing,” adds Alexander Proschka.


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