Greece specialist blends luxury with local

Villas closer to local communities in response to demand
Sunvil, a UK-based holiday specialist, has expanded its range of luxury villas with new high-end properties in Greece. The company’s GIC The Villa Collection brochure has added its first Western Peloponnese properties to its 2016 collection.
The villas are part of GIC’s premier collection, 18 properties that offer private facilities, a cleaner service and views overlooking the islands’ coastlines. Sunvil managing director Chris Wright said the high-end villas were the first to offer customers plenty of their own space, while also being close to local shops, bars and restaurants.
“It’s a bit of a toe in the water for us in that it’s our first properties in this style. People are looking for properties where they can walk to amenities and they don’t need car hire
He added: “They still want their private villa with a pool, and they still want to be in a peaceful location, but they want to be able to walk to things.”
He said that the location of the villas, which are close to villages and historic sites, would give customers a “real Greek connection”.
“It’s that five-star resort experience but it’s been built in such a way that you still do have the feeling that you’re in Greece. You get an interaction with the local community. You’re not stuck in a compound.”
The decision to feature villas closer to local communities had been taken in response to customer demand, Wright said. “We’re seeing a shift in what people want, so we’re testing to see how it goes with customers.”
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