Greenland tourism must try harder

Mayor lists ways to improve infrastructure and attitudes
Greenland is a land of economic opportunities, writes Asii Chemnitz Narup, mayor of Nuuk/Sermersooq local council, with tourism at the forefront. The recent Future Greenland 2017 conference encouraged a new discussion of these opportunities.
Greenland has lots of potential, but it has to take the initiative. “My question is, why is nothing happening?” the mayor asks. More needs to be done to build tourism infrastructure, from hotel accommodation and cafés to toilets and rubbish bins.
Although nearby Iceland is “drowning in its own success as a tourism destination”, Greenland has yet to experience a tourism boom of its own – yet still faces many of the same capacity problems.
Visit Greenland, Air Greenland and privately run businesses have Asii Chemnitz Narup’s admiration. But improvements can be made for them to better coordinate with each other.
A greater effort could be made to market Greenlandic food to visitors, for example when cruise passengers visit – and provide enough toilets for them. There should be a local souvenir store or a shop selling hats and sunglasses if the glare on the snow from the sun is bright.
There should be easy Wi-Fi access for visitors to upload their pictures of Greenland to social media sites.
Plastic competes with the wildlife during whale-watching and streets are littered with rubbish, the mayor says. And visitors do not always get the same service standards or memorable experiences they can get in other countries.
The Arctic Journal