Growing appetite for Asia food tours

New association launched to feed rising demand
As the appetite for culinary tourism increases worldwide, operators can turn to the Independent Food Tour Association (TIFTA) for support and referrals.
TIFTA was launched by eight founding members in Asia, including SingaBites, Food Tour Malaysia, Oishii Tokyo, Taste of Thailand Food Tours, Saigon Street Eats, Lost Plate Food Tours, Eating Adventures Food Tours and Queenie’s Food Tours.
“The food tour sector is constantly growing and becoming more and more popular,” explains James Pelham, TIFTA co-founder as well as founder and chief taster of Singapore-based Singabites.
“By starting TIFTA, we want to make it easier for food travellers to find the best tours as well as create a community where we can all help each other grow.”
Pelham envisions TIFTA as a platform travellers can use to find reliable and high-quality food tours around the world. For now, the association is concentrating its efforts in Asia, with the goal of recruiting 30 tours by the end of 2017. The association only accepts operators that are “locally run and use local vendors during their tours, thus putting money back into local food communities”, he says.
TTG Asia