Hacker claims he took over controls during flight

Hacker tells FBI he accessed computer systems 15 to 20 times
A hacker has told the FBI that he accessed computer systems while flying on planes 15 to 20 times, federal court documents reveal. He also managed to control an aircraft engine during a flight.
The FBI detained Chris Roberts, a cybersecurity consultant, after it spotted his Twitter posts about hacking into the United Airlines plane he was traveling on at the time.
In interviews, Roberts told investigators he had used inflight entertainment systems to hack into the planes’ computer systems 15 to 20 times between 2011 and 2014. On one occasion he issued a CLB, or climb, command to one of the engines, causing a sideways movement of the plane.
Roberts claims there are vulnerabilities on three types of Boeing aircraft and one Airbus model. He says he hacked into inflight entertainment systems made by Thales and Panasonic.
However, aviation experts are sceptical about Roberts’ claims, saying that pilots would have noticed and logged any unusual movements. Boeing insists its entertainment systems are “isolated from flight and navigation systems.”
[image courtesy Thales Group]

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