Half of tourists say first 24 hours are crucial

Investigation into the importance of a holiday’s first day
The first 24 hours of a holiday are crucial, with nearly half of tourists (46%) believing that the very first day sets the tone for the rest of the vacation. More than one in three (36%) even say these hours can make or break the trip.
Accommodation search site Booking.com said it conducted the research across over 18,000 people from 25 countries worldwide to investigate what goes on in the first hours of a holiday.
Respondents were also asked about the top things they want to do during the first day. More ‘traditional’ elements such as unpacking bags (63%), exploring the accommodation (60%) and starting to plan the next day (53%) are the top three activities.
But the research also shows how varied and tech-orientated our activities on holiday are these days: To take the ultimate picture for social media channels (27%, rising to 37% for 18-34 year olds); Go online to check out local restaurant reviews (26%); Meet someone new/attempt to make new friends (24%); Try to improve language skills (16%); Order room service (15%); Listen to my vacation playlist (13%); Check work emails (10%).
In terms of how long it takes tourists to do these activities, results show that taking pictures for social media channels, checking work emails and ordering room service all tend to happen before, for example, hitting the pool or enjoying a first vacation ice cream.
Getting comfortable in the temporary new home is also important, the top things to take advantage of in the first 24 hours being: A comfortable mattress (44%); An amazing view (39%); A hearty breakfast (35%); A spacious room (33%); Strong Wi-Fi signal (32%).
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