Healthy trends in hotel food

Dishes have trendy ingredients and meet nutritional standards
Hotels, particularly more upscale ones, are offering healthier choices on their restaurant menus, often with more vegetable-based meals, and in smaller portions.
The Oak Room Restaurant at San Francisco’s Westin St Francis currently has on its menu coriander-rubbed chicken breast with Swiss chard and sweet potato, whole wheat spaghetti tossed with baby spinach and broccoli, and organic steel-cut oatmeal topped with fresh fruit.
Dishes are carefully portioned to meet nutritional standards and include trendy ingredients. The hotel also has a gluten-free menu for buffets and banquets. It’s all a big shift away from heavy, protein-based comfort foods.
“Gone are the days of 8-ounce steaks, half chickens, foie gras and cream sauces. Now it’s boneless chicken thigh, a puree of vegetables with a light sauce and quinoa,” says chef and food and beverage director Bernd Liebergesell.
The restaurant serves up to a thousand people a day, including staff. Burgers are still on the menu, but the direction is definitely “lighter overall and a smaller portion”.
Hotels are aiming increasingly for wellness in their food as well as their facilities, with Westin for example launching its Westin Well Being campaign. It’s good for the hotels too, as smaller portions with grains and local produce mean lower food costs.
San Francisco Chronicle