Heathrow airport reveals noisiest airlines

LOT, El Al, Thai Airways and Finnair among the loudest

Heathrow has published a list of the noisiest airlines using the airport. The Polish carrier LOT, the Israeli airline El Al and Thai Airways were the worst performers, with British Airways (short-haul), Virgin Atlantic Little Red and Aer Lingus were rated the quietest.

KLM ranked 9th in the table of 50 airlines, Lufthansa 10th, British Airways (long-haul) 12th, SAS 21st, Icelandair 23rd, Air France 35th, Aeroflot 43rd and Finnair 44th.

The airport is the first in the UK to rate airlines by how much noise they produce. Every three months from now on, a Fly Quiet table will take the top 50 airlines at Heathrow by number of flights per quarter and list them according to six noise-related criteria.

The airlines will get a red, amber or green rating for each criterion and an overall score. If they are not meeting the minimum performance targets, Heathrow says it will work with them to improve their rating.

“The launch of the Fly Quiet programme signals our firm commitment to being transparent about aircraft noise and our progress in reducing its impact on local communities while still safeguarding the vital connectivity and economic growth that Heathrow provides,” Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s sustainability director, said.

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