Heathrow chief should be sacked – Walsh

The London airport is “ripping off passengers”

Willie Walsh, chief executive of IAG, the parent company of British Airways, Iberia and Vueling, says that the head of London Heathrow Airport should be sacked. His statement is the latest development in an argument about landing charges.

The airport is “ripping off passengers”, he says, due to excessive fees for airlines – fees that have to be passed on to passengers.

Heathrow has asked the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority for a rise in charges of 2% above the rate of inflation a year from April 2014, which could add an extra £27 (€32) on the price of a ticket.

“Heathrow is ripping off passengers, it’s inefficient, and it’s been grossly over-rewarded by the CAA,” Walsh said.

A Heathrow spokeswoman commented: “We have put forward plans for more than £400 million of cost savings over the next five years. We want to continue the investment that has been improving Heathrow for passengers.”


[pictured: London Heathrow’s new Terminal 2; image copyright Foster + Partners]

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