Heathrow is starting to frighten airlines away

Airlines look for alternative airports as they fear for profitability

A combination of capacity limits and new taxes are seriously worrying for airlines operating at one of the world’s biggest airports. Almost all the airlines operating at Heathrow say that they want to increase their number of slots there but are unable to do so due to UK government policy vetoing the airport’s expansion. Almost half of the airlines operating at Heathrow, meanwhile, say that a combination of the threat of a new tax – Air Passenger Duty (APD) – being imposed next year simultaneously with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme will make a “critical impact on profitability”.
These are the results of a new survey conducted by the UK’s Board of Airline Representatives among its 86 member airlines. The implication, say the survey’s organisers, is that additional flights that could have been operated to Heathrow are being operated elsewhere instead.
[pictured: Qantas Boeing 747-400 landing at London Heathrow]

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