Helsingborg is strategic cruise call

Swedish port modernised for 21st-century passengers
A classic port city dating back 900 years, today Helsingborg has been modernised for 21st-century cruise passengers, including more than 200 free public WiFi spots.
Yet the Swedish port is receiving only six ships this year, and less than that are so far scheduled for 2018. However, it still hopes to get some late bookings to improve the number.
In Helsingborg’s favour, the port says, are a safe and reliable region and a solid weather season between April and October.
It is unique in that it can service two countries, as it is located where the Öresund Strait is at its narrowest – making the historical Viking town of Elsinore in Denmark reachable.
There is no shortage of berths in Helsingborg, where smaller ships of up to 150 meters in length can dock in the heart of the city, while ships up to 250 meters dock at the ‘prime berth’ 10 minutes from the city centre. Larger vessels can anchor at a nearby anchorage.
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