Helsinki Airport is now carbon-neutral

Airport has a carbon footprint that is now officially zero
Helsinki Airport has a carbon footprint that is now officially zero, receiving the international Airport Carbon Accreditation certificate for this achievement.
Getting the certificate has needed extensive reviews, continuous improvements in operator Finavia’s emissions efficiency and offsetting of residual emissions.
The efforts are continuing. The largest airport solar power plant in the Nordic area is currently under construction at Helsinki Airport.
The solar panels are in the process of being installed, expected to be up and running by late summer. When operational, the power plant will have a total capacity of more than 500 kWp, supplying almost 10% of the electricity required by the airport’s new terminal extensions.
In July, Finavia started using renewable diesel fuel in vehicles operating at the airport. The buses running between the terminal and aircraft are fuelled by biodiesel produced from waste and residue.
Helsinki is the 34th fully carbon-neutral airport in the world. Finavia is also trying to cut emissions at its other airports, increasing the use of renewables by relying more on bioenergy and geothermal heat. The aim is to make all Finavia airports carbon-neutral by the year 2020.
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