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Helsinki Airport’s new “central square” to open

But before the new square, called Aukio, is unveiled there will be time for “test passengers” to give their feedback.

One of Helsinki Airport’s most impressive new spaces will open its doors in February. Aukio will be “at the heart” of the long-haul expansion area, which departing passengers will pass through to get to their flights and where arrivals will get their first impressions of Finland.

Before the opening, however, the airport will continue its “long tradition of developing the airport together with its passengers” by inviting 200 volunteers to test out the new facilities and services.

To do this, the airport operator Finavia is looking for passengers fitting different profiles, such as people who travel often, or who are travelling for the first time, people travelling with children or with reduced mobility. The test day is set for February 6.

Test day participants will get to experience the airport’s apron area, where public access is usually restricted. They will also be invited for lunch at the new Ajisen Ramen restaurant, originating from Kumamoto in Japan.

Full-body check
“During the test day, participants will get a unique chance to see the new facilities of Helsinki Airport before others do,” says Joni Sundelin, director of Helsinki Airport.

“We will test the functionality of services and passenger journeys, and especially the state-of-the-art security check with a full body scanner – the first of its kind in Finland.”

The opening of Aukio is part of Finavia’s ongoing development programme at Helsinki Airport, which will expand the airport and increase capacity. It is the hub’s biggest expansion project to date and will continue until the early 2020s.

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