Helsinki and Beijing become “sister airports”

Agreement provides a number of benefits, Finavia says
The biggest airport in Asia and second largest in the world, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Helsinki Airport are now sister airports, providing a number of benefits, according to Finnish airport operator Finavia.
Finavia signed a memorandum of understanding on the “sister airport” relationship with Capital Airports Holding Company, which oversees the operation of more than 40 airports in China.
“The MOU strengthens the relationship between the airports and enables the development of flights,” explained Mikko Saariaho, Finavia’s director of communications. “For instance, we can share knowledge and best practices, create co-marketing activities and develop the competence of our expert staff.”
Exchange of personnel will give Finavia the opportunity to study Asian service culture and become more familiar with the needs and wishes of Chinese flight passengers.
“The lessons we learn help us provide even better service to Chinese customers, whose numbers at Helsinki Airport seem to be increasing constantly. We offer our Chinese counterparts ideas for digital solutions and ‘snow-how’.”
Helsinki Airport’s role in traffic to Asia is increasing. Finavia says that the status as a sister airport to BCIA strengthens HEL’s role as key gateway in air traffic between Europe and Asia.
Measured by number of flights to Asia, Helsinki is the fifth largest airport in Europe and a key hub. This year, it provides 17 direct routes to Asia and further destinations to almost all of the major cities in Europe.
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