Helsinki and Tallinn – twin tourism cities

Tourists continue to stream across the sea between them




The boundaries between Estonia and Finland, and their capital cities, is blurring for incoming tourists, who are visiting both cities together with increasing regularity. This is especially the case now that Tallinn has had a successful year as European Capital of Culture in 2011. Estonia saw a 23% increase in foreign tourists last year. Tallinn and Helsinki are seen as twin cities, with many incoming tourists to the region visiting them together when touring St Petersburg and Stockholm. This is the message of an article in the Estonian business daily Aripaev written by Daisy Jarva from the Association of Estonian Travel Agents. “Almost 30% of tourists visited Tallinn in 2011 because it was European Capital of Culture,” she writes.

This year Helsinki has beaten 47 cities to win the title World Capital of Design – another reason for tourists continuing to make the short sea crossing between the Estonian and Finnish capitals in 2012. Business ties between the two cities also continue to be strong.


[pictured: Town Hall Square, Tallinn; EPA Photo / Nipa / Aivar Partel]


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