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Helsinki partners with Tencent to woo Chinese

The Finnish capital launches a new partnership with the Chinese tech giant.

The Finnish capital Helsinki has launched a new partnership with the Chinese tech giant Tencent to create a channel that goes straight into the mobile devices of China’s many WeChat users.

As it sets itself the lofty goal of being the most digitalised city in the world, Helsinki says that the cooperation with Tencent “ensures that the city is already now a globally remarkable innovator in digital tourism services”.

Helsinki and Tencent signed a cooperation agreement last September, where the city “will serve as an intelligent tourism model for Chinese outbound tourism”.

The two partners have since co-developed a destination mini-program that offers Helsinki travel information to almost one billion WeChat users.

The new WeChat Helsinki mini program has now been launched as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Helsinki, with the initial version allowing users to access content about the city’s sights, services, events and transportation.

Panoramic 360-degree photos, a translation service and emergency help are also included. The app will continue to be developed in the future, the partners say, with an interactive map and public transport journey planner.

Real-time information
The aim is to build an application that provides users with comprehensive, professional and real-time information and services.

“Helsinki’s strategic aim is to be the forerunner city of digitalisation in the near future. For travellers we want to be the safest, most functional and happiest place to visit,” says Helsinki mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

“The Helsinki mini program makes it possible to share what’s best about Helsinki with millions of Chinese people in a way that creates a sharable, local experience.”

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