Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel in five years?

Experts say corners could be cut regarding time
An undersea tunnel between Tallinn-Helsinki of more than 80 kilometres in length could be built in around five years, the Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat quotes Norwegian experts as saying.
Such a structure would be made up of three parts – two tunnels for transit in either direction and one service tunnel.
The rock under the Gulf of Finland is similar throughout the distance, mainly granite and gneiss, bedrock that Finns already have experience working with. But on the Estonian side the bedrock is much deeper, covered in layers of sandstone and clay.
The time-consuming digging process could be cut to five years if, in addition to digging from both Tallinn and Helsinki, digging could also start in the middle, the experts say. The total cost could around €13 billion.
Helsingin Sanomat / LETA / BNS

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