High-speed Stockholm-Oslo rail back on track

Sweden praises “splendid decision” by Norwegian authorities
Plans for a new high-speed rail link between Stockholm and Oslo are back on track to launch in August, despite news a week ago that they were temporarily suspended.
The X2000 trains, operated by Sweden’s state-owned train operator SJ, are set to cut journey times between the two cities from six hours to four-and-a-half, in an attempt to attract business travellers away from air travel.
Last week, SJ said the faster trains were being put on hold due a sudden announcement by Norwegian operator Jernbaneverket that two-and-a-half years of maintenance work on overhead cables was required in Norway. But new discussions have led to Norway agreeing to postpone the repairs.
The new high-speed link is scheduled to start on August 9, with a choice of three departures per day.
SJ CEO Christer Fritzon praised the “splendid decision by the Norwegian authorities” and looked forward to launching trains that are “the most comfortable and fast ever built in Sweden” on the line.
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