High-tech new Changi terminal opens

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Facial recognition, automated guided vehicles and cleaning robots
Moving from the entrance to the gate is possible without any human interaction at all at the new Terminal 4 at Singapore’s Changi Airport, because of the extensive self-service and other tech.
T4, which opened today, is the smallest of all the airport’s terminals and is less than half the size of T3. But it is showcasing a range of new technology that may help all airports around the world to cope with skyrocketing passenger numbers and evolving threats.
Changi is a global hub that connects Singapore to more than 380 cities in around 80 countries and territories. At current growth projections, it may have more than 80 million passengers a year by the mid-2020s, from 66 million today. A third runway is being added, while another terminal, T5, is planned for the late 2020s.
T4 deploys facial recognition capturing passengers at different stages, ensuring it is the same person moving from one process to another. Self-service counters are encouraged, though manual ones are also available. There are also automated guided vehicles and cleaning robots.
But with such minimal staff there are questions as to how this will impact Changi’s reputation for high service with a personal touch.
Strait Times