Hilton launches new ‘soft brand’

Tapestry Collection by Hilton is appeal to younger consumers
Hilton has debuted its newest brand, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, a soft-brand collection that is the hotel giant’s 14th brand.
Initially opening with properties in the US, in Syracuse, Chicago, Nashville, Warren, Hampton and two in Indianapolis, starting from the third quarter of this year, an additional 35 hotels are also planned.
Adding another brand was motivated by a desire to appeal to younger consumers, Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta tells Skift.
“As we were talking to customer groups, it became really apparent that when you look at our 13 brands, which are fabulous brands and cover a broad spectrum of the industry, that this was a type of product that I would describe as unique upscale hotels that have their own individual spirit, if you will, and that are generally smaller hotels,” he explains.
“These are types of hotels that a lot of our customers don’t necessarily want every time they travel, but periodically, it’s a product they want.”
He continues: “It’s also an opportunity at the upscale price point, to get younger customers that we may not have in the system and other customers of all ages that we don’t have in the system. For certain trip occasions, people want something at this three- to four-star price point that’s more unique. It’s not a hard brand in the sense that it relates more to its local environment.”
However, Deanna Ting of Skift writes that “Hilton feels it needs more brands to compete, but weaving this particular ‘soft brand’ into the fold, for lack of a better description, feels a bit like it’s more of a blanket statement kind of brand, than one with a truly carved out identity.”
She says it doesn’t “occupy the same swim lanes” as Hilton’s other brands, something Nassetta himself has been critical of, in particular at Hilton’s 30-brand rival Marriott.