Hilton warning as hackers steal credit card details

One is series of similar hacks over the last year targeting hotels
Hilton Worldwide has issued an alert to its customers after confirming that cardholder payment details had been stolen by hackers.
The company said in a statement that malware had found its way onto point-of-sale systems and stolen cardholder names, payment card numbers, security codes and expiry dates. However, addresses and Pins have not been exposed.
The company said it wasn’t sharing any information about how many or which hotel locations may have been affected by the breach, but is urging customers to review their payment card statements.
It is thought it will particularly affect those who used their cards at Hilton Worldwide between November 8 and December 5 last year or April 21 to July 27 this year.
“Last night, Hilton Hotels disclosed that malware designed to help cyber thieves steal credit and debit card data was found on point-of-sale systems at some of its hotels,” Ryan Wilk, director at NuData Security, said. “This credit card breach announcement is just one of a spate of similar hacks that have occurred over the last year or so targeting hotels.”
He added that it seemed “credible” the hackers were “targeting specific industries that likely have the same exploits in order to maximise their efforts before moving on to the next industry.”
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