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Photo: Anonymouse

Hipster barber opens in Malmö – for mice

The secretive street art collective AnonyMouse has unveiled a new mini-attraction, adding to a growing range of venues.

The secretive miniature street art collective AnonyMouse has unveiled its latest creation in Malmö, adding to a series of mouse-sized shops and restaurants that have popped up at the bases of actual buildings in the city.

Hair and Furever, a hipster barber for mice, is sure to be another popular addition to the growing range of tiny tourist attractions, for people too.

AnonyMouse’s latest mini-masterwork appeared on Magistratsparken opposite the Malmö Opera in the early hours of Wednesday morning, The Local reports.

Other nearby mouse-sized destinations include the tiny hostel Tass i Tass (Paw in Paw) next door and Mama Mouskevitz’s Dance Studio upstairs.

“After a bit of travelling the fur has grown and it’s high time to visit the barber. Lucky for us, Hair and Furever has opened just around the corner,” the collective said in an Instagram post announcing its latest model-making piece.

“And for our friends who have gotten lost or found themselves without a home there is always room at the shelter Paw to Paw. It’s good to be back home!”

Mouse city
The ankle-high street art launched exactly two years ago when the ‘restaurant’ Il Topolino and a nut shop, Noix de Vie, suddenly appeared under a kebab eatery in Malmö, on Bergsgatan.

Then there was a fairground, Tjoffsans Tivoli, on Solters Plan close to Södra Förstadsgatan. A year ago, the bookshop Frankie and Benjie’s Böker and a theatre appeared on Amiralsgatan. Tiny artworks have magically materialized in other Swedish cities and in Bayonne, France, too.

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