Holiday home fire in Sweden kills Danes

Six Danes die in holiday home tragedy, including two children

The cause of a tragic blaze in which six Danes, including two children, died in a remote holiday home is being investigated. According to press reports, the house near the village of Härja, 10 kilometres south of Tidaholm in western Sweden had no electricity, but did have an open fireplace and wood-burning stove. The fire, after which only the chimney stacks remained, is believed to have occurred during the night.
A neighbour who lives half a kilometre away said he knew the family mostly visited the holiday home on special occasions. He claims to have looked out at 01:00 and saw nothing out of the ordinary.
Foreign ownership of summer houses in Sweden rose by 2.9% in 2011, to 35,045 cottages and cabins, or 6% of the entire number. Danes own the biggest number of these – around 12,000 cottages.
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