Holidaymakers prefer cruises to beaches

Germans want active holidays

Sea, sun and beaches used to be very popular. Today, more than 58 percent of Germans choose would rather choose to visit a city or get on a cruise, according to ADAC Reisemonitor latest survey. Since 2002, cruising has been growing by 95 percent. And almost 30% of destinations are Central America, The Caribbean, and river cruises, which are growing rapidly.
This year, 4.8 of the German tourists are planning a cruise, more than 1.5 percent over 2007. In 29 percent, Central America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the North Cape is the most popular destination, closely followed by cruises on the river, which 20 percent is rapidly in popularity. And, since 2000, the number of Germans traveling to cities has increased by 53 percent.
According to the survey every second long-distance holiday booking has a round trip accompanying it. Even within Europe round trips rank ahead of health vacations.
Knowing people or a country becomes more fashionable and this trend has been taken into account by tour operators. They provide more options and packages that often include round trips.
[pictured: Jungle Cruise entrance, Disneyland]