Hollywood brings “too many tourists” to Norway

Frozen effect leads to sharp rise in incoming visitors
The mayor of a town in Norway is complaining there are too many tourists, thanks to the worldwide popularity of the animated movie Frozen.
The 2013 Disney film was developed with the support of Norway’s tourism agency and since then the country has seen a sharp rise in incoming visitors.
Over a million tourists arriving in the country between April and September this year, with some popular destinations seeing a 20% rise in visitor numbers – like the Lofoten Islands, whose Norse fairytales, dramatic landscapes, mountains, trolls, reindeer, snow and ‘magic’ directly inspired Frozen.
Fredrik Sørdal, mayor of the town of Flakstad, said the growth in tourism was “challenging”, warning that infrastructure was already at breaking point. There are problems with waste disposal, public toilets, parking and severe erosion on paths.
“In Flakstad we have for example become extremely unbalanced when it comes to tourism this year, and need to take many measures before next year,” he said.
The complaint comes as star Matt Damon is in the area to shoot part of his science fiction comedy Downsizing, due to be screened in 2017.
“This will means more traffic,” Sørdal warned.
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