Hospitality’s new frontier – underwater

Collection of properties planned nine metres under the sea
In an interview with Travel Daily, Tony Webb, managing director of the US-based Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, says his company is planning a collection of properties located around nine metres below the surface of the sea.
Guests staying in the luxury rooms at as many as 15 hotels-to-be around the world will be able to look directly into the ocean.
The company has pinpointed 15 locations so far, in Southeast Asia, the Red Sea, the Caribbean, the Arabian Gulf, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Specific locations include the Maldives, Fiji, French Polynesia and the Philippines.
The first project, including a hotel and research centre, is expected to be located in Cuba.
“We are selling 15 locations for US$3 million each. This will quickly fund and fabricate the $22 million underwater hotel [in Cuba] with the research centre structure. Fabrication is approximately nine months,” Webb tells Travel Daily.
“It seems that fear and the unknown have been the constant factors with governments, investors and coastal resort properties. The only way to eliminate fear is for all potential buyers to work as a team.”
Each hotel, which will have dining, evening entertainment, scuba diving and mini-submarine rides, will be linked to the surface via two glass elevators. The hotels will also be involved in marine conservation projects.
Travel Daily