Hotel brand prefers social media to advertising

W properties are also allowed to be wild and playful
An experience with style or flair awaits guests at any of the 40 W hotels around the world. W has positioned itself as a boutique luxury chain delivering unique, local experiences. That sense of innovation extends to its marketing too.
Anthony Ingham, global brand leader for W Hotels at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, says he has ditched traditional advertising, instead concentrating on digital and social media.
Traditional advertising still works and is not going away, he says. But W has shifted from ‘push’ to ‘pull’, thinking there is more power in content marketing – encouraging people to talk about the brand and share content they create with others.
W also invests in partners in fashion and music, which use the hotels for fashion shows and other events, content which is then shared via social media.
The emphasis on local means there are W Insiders who are more than just a concierge, providing insider tips. Meanwhile, each GM sets the tone and pace for the brand, like generals reporting back to HQ from the front line, Ingham says. Starwood also gives W the freedom to be wild and playful so the brand can express itself.
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