Hotel chain offers free Wi-Fi in whole city

Complimentary mobile routers provided by hotels
For almost all business travellers today, free Wi-Fi is a must-have hotel service. But a Spanish hotel chain, Room Mate Hotels, is taking it to a new level – offering guests free wireless internet anywhere in their destination city.
Many major hotels still lack free Wi-Fi. So smaller chains and independent hotels are stepping in, making fast, free wireless access one of their main selling points. Meaning they could steal as many as half of all business travellers from their no-free-Wi-Fi competitors, according to one survey.
“The world’s most generous free Wi-Fi perk”, according to Travel Pulse, is offered by Spain-based, 19-property Room Mate Hotels, which may soon be adopted by other chains too.
Guests there can get free wireless internet access anywhere in their destination city, thanks to a complimentary mobile router provided by the hotel. Each router can connect to five mobile devices.
There’s a small catch. The service provides 100mb of data, so it is not totally unlimited. But the service is unheard of in the hospitality industry.
Travel Pulse