Hotel chain tells meeting delegates: Wake Up!

One in three meeting attendees are falling asleep
One in three attendees at meetings around the world are falling asleep or feeling drowsy during events, a new survey by Hilton reveals, and the hotel giant says it’s doing something about it.
Productivity for the average meeting droops especially at around 14:00, the Meet with Purpose Survey says. It is based on a sample of around 3,000 employees in Germany, the UK and the US who have attended a work-related conference or meeting at a hotel in the last 12 months.
“It’s clear that corporate meetings need a new agenda,” the chain concludes. “Attendees around the world are desperate for a change – and meeting professionals are taking notice.”
While most meeting attendees consider themselves active and healthy in their daily lives, more than half admit in the survey that they don’t maintain this routine when on the road for meetings.
Hilton’s solution is to provide more nutritious meals and exercise, so that productivity and attendee satisfaction are given a boost. It says its health-focused Meet with Purpose initiative is now being rolled out to meeting and event venues across Europe and the US, with “menus that marry balanced food and beverage options with exercise breaks and sustainable solutions”.
Each menu was designed by Hilton chefs and paired with instructor-led exercise and yoga breaks to “spark creativity, encourage attendee networking and give attendees that much-desired workout”.
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