Hotel spa trends blend local and high-tech

Spas aim at remedies for stress and pain, high-tech and traditional

What guests are looking for in a spa treatment is something that’s memorable and different. Inspired by the locavore food movement, treatments are increasingly using locally grown ingredients, with some even growing their own herbs such as lavender and chamomile. If pine, cedar or certain flowers thrive locally, they are integrated into the treatments.
Spas use traditional therapies and also technology. One hotel is offering a treatment combining aromatherapy, massage and sounds such as rhythmic and instrumental music while vibrating wooden balls are placed on the body’s pressure points. A pulsating light treatment can be used in facials. Water treatments are being updated so that spa or hotel-room showers can be pre-programmed and deep whirlpool tubs let guests bathe in varied hues of coloured light. One retreat in Queensland, Australia, teaches guests over four days how to sleep.
The Washington Post