Hotel trend in offering health and fitness

In-room fitness routines are getting more interesting

A popular New Year’s resolution is to visit the gym more often. Hotels are helping their guests achieve this goal, offering in-room workout videos, renting footwear for fitness rooms and providing gym membership. Mini-bars contain healthier foods instead of salty and sugary snacks.
Hotel exercise routines are getting more interesting. Hotel rooms at London’s 45 Park Lane have an in-room fitness TV channel with professionally led workouts. There are yoga mats in the rooms and guests can reserve tailor-made Brompton bicycles. Fitness routines depend on the time of year and often include healthy courses in the restaurant, such as raw vegetables.
In early 2012, InterContinental Hotels Group launched a health-conscious hotel brand, EVEN. It will focus on exercise, eat, work and rest. The first will open in New York City in 2014.
Boston Globe
[pictured: Spa yoga, InterContinental San Francisco; courtesy IHG]

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