Hoteliers adding TripAdvisor reviews to their sites

Content that’s relevant is far more powerful than advertising
Hotels are starting to turn user-generated sites like TripAdvisor from a threat into an opportunity. Reviews are finding their way on to more hotel websites as companies recognise the influence they have on consumers’ booking decisions.
“If you have content that’s relevant and people who are interested in reading it then that’s far more powerful [than traditional advertising], especially if it’s a third-party doing it,” Best Western President and CEO David Kong told Skift in an interview. “If it’s your friends or family or someone that you respect then that’s far more powerful and there’s an emotion connection associated with it.”
Besides Best Western International, major brands such as Wyndham Hotel Group and La Quinta Inns & Suites are embracing user-generated reviews.
Since 2013, TripAdvisor offers hotels that are rated four or five stars on the site a review widget that shows one five-star review at a time. Hotel brands across all sectors are now making use of it.
“The more you know about my hotels and what you can do there, the better chance we have of you coming and seeing us,” says Starwood CEO Frits van Paasschen. “It’s the same reason we put ratings and reviews on We’re not 100% correct every time, but I’ll put us up against the reality anywhere else any time.”
“I felt that being upfront about user-generated content would demonstrate incredible confidence in what we do,” Susan Helstab, executive vice president of marketing told Skift. “And I don’t believe there’s a guest that’s stayed with us that hasn’t gone to TripAdvisor.”
[pictured: Best Western Hotel Bentleys, Stockholm]