Hoteliers benefit from central management tool

Single “Central Reservation System” reaches GDSs and social media

Mobile applications may have an impact on hotel revenue management and the process of creating price structures. Most transactions will continue to be made using the internet, but mobile technology such as Smartphones will play a marketing role. Hotels are advised to adapt their websites by introducing the implementation of booking engines and creating marketing strategies that include mobile technology.
“As social media use explodes, guests are seeking customer reviews and validation from third party influencers, such as bloggers, as part of their decision making process,” said Trust International’s vice-president of sales Europe, Said Heinrich Kessler. “Many guests visit 11 websites before making their booking decision, so online content, including user generated content, is clearly influencing decisions.”
Tools are being created that can reach GDS, IDS (Internet Distribution Services) and social media platforms in a single booking-channel system, such as a Central Reservation System. Hoteliers can use a CRS to manage sales, marketing, upload their rates and communicate with member properties’ property management systems.
[pictured: Amadeus Central Site, Miami]