Hoteliers need to read reviews by Chinese

Reviews are valuable data resource for hoteliers
Hotels need to learn more about Chinese tourists, about their thoughts on service and their love of tea kettles and slippers. The information is critical as the number of incoming travellers surges upwards, Jing Daily writes, especially when more and more Chinese are posting online reviews.
The reviews are a valuable information resource for hoteliers checking out Chinese guests, intelligence solutions firm ReviewPro says in its 2016 Top Luxury and Brand Report.
ReviewPro looked at 2.7 million online reviews in luxury hospitality in 2015, covering 2,700 properties and 159 luxury hotel brands globally. TripAdvisor and are the top platforms for leaving feedback, but Ctrip is now number three as Facebook use among Chinese declined. Chinese travel site eLong is fourth.
It is “critical for luxury brands to manage their reputation on multiple channels in order to maximise revenue,” ReviewPro stresses.
Chinese is the second most-used language for writing online reviews after English. But the share of reviews in Chinese is growing, so that “luxury hotel brands worldwide will increasingly need to be able to correctly interpret the views and feelings expressed in reviews written in different languages, especially Chinese,” the report says.
Jing Daily


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