Hoteliers: “people skills” more important in staff than degrees

Employees should look at people when speaking to them and have a caring attitude
Many hotel general managers want their employees to reflect an air of familiarity where guests feel comfortable, as if they are “coming home”, even if they have never stayed at the property before. This ability, natural among some people, is even preferable to having the right formal qualifications.
University degrees and tech skills are not of vital importance, although managers will probably need them for a career in hospitality.
Instead, general managers want employees who can listen, look at people when speaking to them and have a caring attitude – “basic life skills” that cannot be found in everyone. They need to analyse things like guests’ body language and moods. Hoteliers say that staff benefit from this kind of training in psychology and how guests think.
“Typically when we’re [recruiting] we tend to be focused on [emphasising the importance of hospitality education], but in reality so many people who work in hotels don’t study hospitality,” Nikki Massey, director of talent management at Hyatt, tells Skift. “[A hotel] is supposed to be your home away from home, and employees are their family away from home. You’re talking to people about their problems and the things going on in their lives.”
[photo courtesy Accor]

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