Hoteliers use Facebook’s marketing power

Network gives huge reach, long shelf life, paid advertising
Facebook remains king among social networks for hotel guests and hoteliers alike. The network’s immense reach and long shelf life for posts make it the premier platform for hospitality.
And in addition to taking advantage of free engagement with consumers, partly with a view to improving their service, hotels are increasingly using Facebook’s paid advertising features.
Facebook has significantly developed over the years, especially as a channel for business needs, with features like check-ins, reviews and call-to-action buttons that link to booking engines.
“Hoteliers can integrate various apps onto their Facebook page, allowing their page to be a central hub with all of the hotel’s information, thus streamlining their online marketing efforts,” Bryan Segal, chief executive of Engagement Labs, explains.
“Also, hoteliers have come to embrace Facebook’s paid advertising over the years, which helps hotels to extend their reach and engage with new audiences.”
For Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Facebook is about building relationships with guests, such as by sharing and liking posts and leaving comments. For Ritz-Carlton, Facebook is a critical social centre for guest interaction, allowing the brand to extend its persona.
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