Hotels are suffering more bedbugs

Pest control association says that infestations are on the rise

The biggest pest control association in the United States says that infestations of bedbugs have risen over the last 12 months, as they have in other public places including hospitals. A survey by the National Pest Management Association has found that 80 percent of pest professionals have treated bedbugs in hotels and motels, compared with 67 percent over the previous period. Bedbugs are the hardest pest to get rid of, three-quarters of pest professionals believe.
Bedbugs are also on a rapid increase in college dorms, nursing homes, office buildings, schools, cinemas and hospitals. Double the number of people in the pest industry have treated bedbugs in trains, buses and taxis. The rise in the phenomenon is explained by our rising mobility; bedbugs cling to us as we move around. Treat infestations using heat treating, freezing, chemicals and vacuuming.
USA Today
[pictured: Bedbug nymph feeding on human host]