Hotels attract guests with eco-toiletries

Industry role models show switching to animal testing-free products is easy

Many hotels are stating on signs that they are environmentally friendly properties and encourage their guests to be likewise, for example by not using all the towels. Notepads can be found in the meeting rooms that have been made from recycled materials and energy saving light bulbs have been installed. But what about the toiletries? Saying proudly that the toiletries in the bathrooms have not been tested on animals is another way to win the hearts and minds of guests. Some major brands have not considered the issue.
But Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, for example, provides bath-care products from Bath & Body Works brand’s True Blue Spa line, offering “guests professional spa-quality products designed for a fun and easy spa-on-the-go experience…and there is no animal testing on these products.” At the Pierre NY, a Taj Hotel, guests can enjoy “Molton Brown Therapies Range products which are all organic, have biodegradable packaging and not tested on animals”. Intercontinental Hotels says that animal testing-free products are used under the Hilton Worldwide portfolio.
[pictured: Taj Pierre NY]