Hotels blamed for Stockholm bed bug invasion

Rise in travel is bringing more bed bugs to Scandinavia, Europe and the US

The Swedish pest control agency Anticimex has said that hotels are partly to blame for an 800 percent “dramatic rise” in the number of cases of reported bed bugs in Sweden over the last five years. The agency’s representative Sven Jeppson told The Local that the rise in bed bug infestations is due to Swedes travelling more and also because more tourists are coming to Sweden. “When we travel we stay in hotels and in hostels, and these bugs live there with us, in the floors, the beds and the walls, feeding on our blood,” he said, adding that this unfortunate trend is clear right across Europe and the US.
So far in 2011, Anticimex has been called out to deal with more than 2,950 cases of bed bugs. This is a rise of 830 percent on figures from 2006. Earlier in 2011, the extermination company was asked to deal with an infestation on overnight trains from Älvsbyn in northern Sweden to Gothenburg.
The Local

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