Hotels boost RevPAR with front-desk sales

Hotels can train front desk personnel in providing further sales

A hotel’s front desk is a good place to look at securing further revenues and raising RevPAR. An “upselling” program can vary between hotels, but some of the opportunities can focus on, for example, adding a second room at check-in for families at a cut-price rate. Check-in personnel can also be trained to offer, at additional cost, rooms or suites with special features or views, upgraded room types, or packages with amenities and activities. This can be done at front desk in addition to when potential guests first contact the hotel, since guests’ circumstances may have changed en route and tired guests may be more receptive to additional services. Also, employees at reception will know what is available at the moment the guests check in.
Among the techniques presented in this article, employees can tell new arrivals that they already have a good room, and then ask if they know that upgrades are possible. The impression can be given that an upgrade is a special opportunity, at little extra cost. The values should be clearly stated, such as, “In this room you can look out your window and see…”.
[pictured: Corinthia Grand Hotel Royale, Budapest]