Hotels can capitalise on selfies, expert says

Hotel selfie is great for boosting a property’s public profile
Love them or hate them, selfies are part of modern culture – and all hotels should start capitalising on them and using them to their advantage, a social media expert advises. A hotel selfie can be valuable for boosting a property’s public profile.
A quarter of Americans, for example, post a photo on social media within one hour of arriving at a vacation destination, a recent YouGov survey found. So selfies are “the ultimate sharable content”, says this article’s author, Nick Baker, community manager at hotel digital marketing startup Appy Hotel. This especially applies to hotels and destinations with beautiful backdrops as reminders of the best locations in or near the property.
Baker lists the top types of selfie, including “sunglasses selfies” (hotels could run a hashtag competition posted on website, app, social media, etc., such as: the best sunshine selfie wins free cocktails at the bar); group selfies making silly faces (stick hashtag next to mirror or shiny surface in lobby); selfie with cocktail; and the “beach feet brag selfie” (beach or pool in background of taker’s feet, proving how far they are from work, school, bad weather).
Food selfies are also valuable, such as “Look at how fancy my meal is”, “Treating myself while on vacation” and “Look how hungry I am eating all this food” posts. Hotels can simply ask guests to tag or hashtag a signature dish to get a discount off the bill, Baker suggests.
[photo courtesy Accor]