Hotels not cashing in on mobile tech

Worldwide survey says few hoteliers meet demand



A recent TripAdvisor study has found that most hoteliers are not meeting customers’ mobile expectations, even though travellers are more attached to their mobile devices than ever.

According to the TripAdvisor TripBarometer Mobile and Social survey, 87% of travellers around the world use their mobile devices on the go. Yet almost a third of hoteliers are not offering additional mobile content for users.

Almost 40% of travellers internationally want mobile-friendly sites, which are currently offered only by 37% of hoteliers. Location-specific deals and special offers for mobile users are in demand, but very few hotels are providing them.

However, the report says the situation is likely to improve in the coming year. While only 36% of hoteliers internationally are prioritising mobile marketing this year, 53% plan on expanding mobile offers in 2014.

Hoteliers are doing better in terms of engagement on the social media front, with 82% of hotels internationally interacting with current and potential guests in this way. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms. In the coming year, 55% of hoteliers intend to invest more in social media in 2014.

TTG Asia

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