Hotels profit from medical tourism trend

Medical tourists come to Europe from the Middle East

With more and more people looking for cheaper and quicker healthcare in other countries, hotels are focusing efforts on providing medical tourists with a welcoming and homelike atmosphere. Studies say that on average, medical tourists spend between five and 12 times the amount that ordinary tourists spend on travel costs. They are more likely to upgrade to nicer rooms as they recover and spend more time in the hotel. However, hotel staff need to be sensitive to these guests’ needs, and training on personal communication, legal issues and even medical knowledge may be necessary, as may different menus and modifications in the rooms.

Medical tourists do not only travel from countries like the US and UK to places like India, Thailand and Eastern Europe. Increasing numbers of Middle Eastern patients are travelling to Germany, Austria and other parts of Europe for quality healthcare.


[pictured: Dr. Olga Galkina’s dental service, Riga, Latvia]