Hotels promote local attractions to win guests

Should hotels learn to think like tourist information centres?

Business coach Caroline Cooper says that telling potential guests what experiences and attractions are available in the locality will push them to book a hotel stay. Each hotel should be thinking like a tourist information centre, telling guests what there is to see and do before their arrival.
To achieve this, they could work together with the local TIC. Hotel employees can also go out and explore themselves – to discover places and interesting information not offered or written about elsewhere. If the locality of the hotel is a city centre, get feedback from guests on the particular things they enjoyed doing during their stay and focus on that for future guests.
Guests should also know about the in-house entertainment available before they arrive, so they’re not worried about being stuck with nothing to do on freezing evenings.
[pictured: Entertainment in Riga, Latvia; photo by Kristaps Kalns (Diena), courtesy TAVA]