Hotels roll out personalised “smart rooms”

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Rooms will be set to your liking before you arrive
Hotels are adding high-tech personalised features to rooms, ranging from mood lighting to TV choices, as they try to get an edge over home sharing and online booking agencies.
Soon, the room temperature will be set how you like it before you even enter, the drapery will suit your mood, Netflix will be programmed to play your favourite shows, and your preferred beer will be in the refrigerator.
More than 20% of hotels plan to integrate smart features like these for personalised rooms, a new survey says. It comes as hospitality companies fight to remain relevant in the face of competition from Airbnb and other alternative stays.
Starwood already integrates tablet features into a “smart mirror” at some locations, and now Hilton is aiming for something even broader.
“Imagine a world where the room knows you and you know your room,” Hilton’s chief executive Christopher J Nassetta said at the Skift Global Forum last week.
Hilton is testing a “smart room” connected to a computer system, to be rolled out over the next year. Like Marriott, it already offers app-based messaging that links guests with local activities tailored to their interests. Meanwhile, Marriott, Wynn Resorts and Best Western are installing digital assistants in rooms, like Amazon’s Alexa.