Hotels to lure guests with VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality attractions for visitors
Hotels are looking at how to satisfy guests’ growing appetite for virtual and augmented reality. Hilton, for example, plans to introduce VR to fitness areas, while Best Western is working with Disney on providing movie experiences via AR.
Gamification is a powerful attraction for nearly every industry. Pokémon Go has already gamified public spaces, including hotel surroundings. The technology is an opportunity for hotels.
Best Western first partnered with Disney years ago to develop augmented reality for younger guests, coming out in 2015 with a new AR experience paired with the Disney Movie Experience.
Timelooper, meanwhile, is a mobile app that can recreate historical locations and overlay them on existing sites. It sees hotels as a prime market for this augmented reality.
Jonathan Wilson, vice president of product innovation at Hilton Worldwide, says he plans to introduce VR to hotel fitness rooms, partnering with tech developer Intel to use Real Synth camera technology to project the avatar of a guest.
The device can then overlay images, such as changing the fitness room into a wooded path – or city streets while riding an exercise bike. The technology can also be used to show potential guests what a suite looks like – or a convention or a wedding – before they book.
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