Hotels try to keep up by installing smart TVs

Guests look for hotel rooms where they can unpack their digital suitcase

Many hotel guests are starting to demand something more from their rooms than a comfortable bed and cleanliness. They want a smart TV with interactive applications on a flat screen, like the one they have at home – Internet-connected and able to provide instant information about the weather, what’s on locally, news, sports, games and hotel menus. Hotel rooms have some catching up to do. The vice president of marketing for LCD/LED Hospitality TV at Samsung says that smart TVs will reach over 9 million in sales in 2011.
Samsung is seeing demand for its light and thin LED screens that can be as wide as 140 cm, which carry a new series of hotel-friendly apps. They are also equipped with jacks, giving guests the opportunity to experience audio and video materials they are carrying on their phones, laptops and tablets.
Buyer Interactive
[pictured: Samsung UA55C9000 140cm Series 9 3D Full HD LED TV]

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