Hotels turn lobbies into coffee and meeting zones

Hotel brands experiment with “Starbuckian areas” and “social hubs”

Guests are finding that more and more hotels are trying to entice them to spend a little relaxing time – and money – in the lobby. Some lobbies are looking more like a Starbucks cafe with pastries and salads to choose from, espresso machines to take advantage of and bars to order from. This concept has partly come from boutique hotels’ emphasis of designing lobbies as meetings places for work and socializing. Now brands such as Hilton Garden Inn and Holiday Inn are piloting new-look lobbies as “Starbuckian areas” and “social hubs”. The aim is to stop guests leaving the hotel for caffeine boosts or meetings at local international-brand cafes and get them to stay in the property instead, boosting food and beverage revenues without affecting room revenues.
The Wall Street Journal

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