Hotels under-invest in Chinese-friendly services

Global hotel industry must adapt to world’s largest market

As so many people in the travel trade agree, China will be a positive market over the next three years. But hotel investment in Chinese-friendly services and facilities has not kept up with the expectations of travellers.’s Chinese International Travel Monitor, released yesterday, reports that one in 10 hotels worldwide expect to see an increase of more than 50% in the number of Chinese guests, while almost 47% of hotels anticipate between 11% to 50% growth within the next three years.

Yet there is a “disconnect between the desires of Chinese travellers and provisions made by hoteliers”, the survey says.

Some 75% of Chinese travellers feel hotels needed to improve the provision of translated items such as websites, newspapers and welcome literature; 42% want more Mandarin-speaking hotel staff; and 26% say a key area for improvement is the ability to accept Chinese payment methods.

While 25% of hotels say they offer cultural-awareness training for staff, only 10% have welcome materials in Mandarin and 56% say they spent less than $10,000 on developing Chinese-friendly products and programs.

Johan Svanstrom, managing director of Asia-Pacific: “While [the survey] shows hoteliers are making positive steps towards catering to an increasingly mobile and savvy Chinese travel market, it also shows the need for the global hotel industry to adapt facilities and services to more extensively cater to the world’s largest market of travellers.”

TTG Asia

[pictured: Window of the World Park, Changsha, China]


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