Hotels use bees to boost sustainability

Properties buzz with eco-efforts in rooftop beehives
The Clift Hotel in San Francisco has more than 370 rooms – and hundreds of thousands of honeybees buzzing in rooftop hives.
In fact, seven hotels in San Francisco – a foodie city – have built hives on their rooves, aware of the environmental threats to bees that have cut their numbers around the world.
The bees also produce organic honey for the hotels’ cocktails, food and spa treatments. But “this is not about making money, it’s really about raising awareness about sustainability,” said Melissa Farrar of the Fairmont in San Francisco.
“There’s not one solution, so we wanted to do our part to help. It’s part of the bigger effort for helping the planet.”
The four hives in the Fairmont’s rooftop garden support about 250,000 bees and produce 1,000 pounds of honey each year. Hives at hotels are not new, but the trend is growing every year.